With one in every four adult in America [i.e. 57 .7 million people] suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year, a lot of emphasis has been on treatment of mental disorders. Growing evidence from the neuroscience and early childhood development research has shown that basic brain architecture, which develops before birth and rapidly during the first six years of a child form the critical foundation for cognitive, emotional, and social capacities necessary for adults to build the complex skills they need to become emotionally healthy and successfully employed, lawful, cooperative and productive. Also, attachment, especially maternal attachment, is proven to be an important marker for positive social and emotional development, while lack of maternal attachment has negative impact on children’s brain development and social-emotional health.

In light of this evidence, Office of Behavioral Health in the Satcher Health Leadership Institute is focusing on the prevention of mental illness by promoting early socio-emotional health and brain development of children 0-8 years old. Please visit our website at www.satcherinstitute.info and click on behavioral health to see how we are: [1] improving education programs for parents and child/early care providers on early brain development and social emotional health of children 0-8 years [2] reducing stigma associated with mental illness [3] increasing access to mental health services by educating pediatric healthcare providers about integrating mental health into primary care, and [4] improving the reading readiness of children 0-8 years to prepare them for the 3rd Grade Level Reading. Join us at letustalkabouit.org┬áto make a difference in our future by appropriately investing in early development of children’s brain, emotions, resiliency and healthy behaviors.