3D Approach

The Three-Dimensional Mental Health [3-D] program – The goal of this program is to actively advance policies and practices that will reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities in mental health. The 3-D program includes the Poussaint-Satcher-Cosby Chair in Mental Health, funded by Bill and Camille Cosby and then Integrating Mental Health and Primary Care program funded by Kaiser Permanente. This program is designed to use a three-dimensional approach for enhancing mental health by:

Engaging and educating the community to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness through improved communication, access and policy that will change attitude and behaviors to enhance mental health.

Promoting mental health and preventing mental disorders through strategies and interventions that will increase resiliency and recovery.

Improving access to quality mental health care through integration of mental health and primary care.

Fellows participating in this concentration area will have the unique opportunities to gain comprehensive learning and leadership experience in all aspects of policy impacts and integration of mental health into primary care within a premier health leadership institute and academic medical school that is focused on eliminating health disparities. They will be prepared to shape the solutions to reducing and ultimately eliminating health disparity in mental health.