Our Mission
Our Mission is to develop a diverse group of exceptional health leaders, advance and support comprehensive health system strategies, and actively promote policies and practices that will reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities in health
Develop excellent leadership training program and services.
Provide and model ethical leadership that addresses all determinants of health to create conditions for health equity.
Improve comprehensive systems of integrated services and strategic partnerships.
Achieve financial sustainability through the development of diverse funding sources and programs.

Develop, train, and engage established and emerging leaders and students across all sectors to promote health equity by eliminating disparities in health.
Engage communities, organizations, and leaders across all sectors to advance policies that improve the conditions for optimal health.
Improve internal collaborative structure and processes that integrate and leverage our products and services.
Establish a collaborative and integrated fund development plan.
Engage groups, organizations and communities to develop leadership and support for health equity.
Conduct scientific research to establish and influence promising and evidence based practices, models and policies.
Re-engineer our communications to enhance internal and external collaborations.
Develop branded and quality products and services that will improve performance.
Develop a unified leadership training program with diverse services that are transformative.
Inform policy and resource allocation to promote health equity.
Strengthen and build strategic partnerships to empower, support and create opportunities for health equity.
Provide unique comprehensive programs, which address health disparities and promote health equity.