Our Programs

We are an educational institution that is continuously learning and creating opportunities for personal growth, interpersonal effectiveness, critical thinking and success in a supportive environment that values:

  • Integrity and trustworthiness
  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • Consensus building and communication
  • Prevention as a priority
  • Equal access to quality health services for all

The Post-Doctoral Health Policy Leadership Fellowship program concentration area on Mental Health with focus on ‘Integration of Primary Care and Mental Health - this program is funded by a recently acquired $500,000 grant from the Kaiser Permanente Foundation. The goal of this program is to provide a diverse group of leaders with specific skills, knowledge, and experiences needed for them to advance policies and practices to improve access to mental health services and holistic care that will reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities in health.

The Neighborhood Healthy Child Development Program – This prevention program is aimed at promoting child mental health and reading readiness for 3rd Grade Reading Level by improving early brain and cognitive development, resiliency, social emotional health and functioning levels of children zero to eight years.

The Stigma Reduction - This program aims at reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. Our first project is to use social media technology platforms to market mental health education to the pubic in order to increase knowledge and awareness of mental health and change behaviors to promote mental health. Through an intense eight week Summer Fellowship program, we developed eHealth communication through Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog and other social media. Special topics covered in this project include: Depression among African American Women; HIV and Mental Health; Anxiety Disorders among African American college students; & Occupational Stress and Mental Health.

The Partnership for Access & Quality – The first project is a partnership with Georgia State Department of Behavioral Health and Addictive Diseases and Kaiser Permanente to increase access to mental health services and treatment at Grady Hospital Emergency Department, and improve community-based provider network by integrating mental health into primary care settings within the greater Atlanta area. This partnership involves MSM Department of Psychiatry and Grady Hospital.